Vacuum Pump type VP
REF 30.20
  • 30-20-65-400-35905
  • 30-20-25-400-35881-36271-1-36274
  • 30-20-40-400-35880-36272-1-36276
  • 30-20-65-400-35905-1-36277
  • 30-20-100-400-35906-1-36278
  • 30-20-200-400-35907-1-36279
  • 30-20-300-400-35908-1-36280
  • 30-20-600-400-35909-1-36281

Vacuum Pump type VP

    • Heavy duty & compact construction

. Vacuum pump with guaranteed reliability
. 100% ensured operational vacuum performance and avoidance of idle run
. High speed also with slow pressure: 0.6 mbar
. Silent operation
. Air cooling
. Standard motor connection
. Motor standard IP55 class F
. The required complementary equipment to be ordered:
- 30.11 Safety switch
- 30.12 Liquid separator
- 30.14 Suction hose
- 30.12P
Included with purchase:
- Start set
- Air filter
  • Use :
    • Grinding
    • Milling
    • Machining
    • Planning
    • Clamping
  • Voltage :
    • 400 VAC
  • Duty cycle :
    • 100 %
Options :
- 230 V execution

Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D E F G H I J mm189 mm162 mm112 mm90 mm-168 mm10 m3/h62 db0.45 Kw mm300 mm258 mm253.5 mm185 mm3x M8112 mm25 m3/h59 db0.75 kw mm300 mm258 mm253.5 mm185 mm3x M8112 mm40 m3/h58 db1.10 Kw mm385 mm379 mm245 mm243 mm2x M10230 mm65 m3/h64 db1.5 Kw mm385 mm379 mm245 mm269 mm2x M10230 mm100 m3/h65 db2.2 Kw mm516 mm477 mm345 mm260 mm4xM10248 mm150 m3/h66 db3 Kw mm516 mm477 mm345 mm260 mm4x M10310 mm200 m3/h67 db4 kw
30.20.300.4001621055 mm516 mm477 mm345 mm307 mm4x M10356 mm300 m3/h69 db5.5 Kw
30.20.350.4003551360 mm680 mm614 mm462 mm376 mm4x M10408 mm350 m3/h71 db7.5 Kw
30.20.400.4003801400 mm680 mm614 mm462 mm376 mm4x M10477 mm400 m3/h72 db9 Kw
30.20.500.4004301460 mm680 mm614 mm464 mm376 mm4x M10512 mm500 m3/h73 db11 Kw
30.20.600.4005001655 mm680 mm611 mm464 mm376 mm4x M10558 mm600 m3/h74 db15 Kw
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