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Magnetism since 1921
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Magnetism since 1921

Magnetism since 1921

Undertaking and Innovating :
A history of Braillon tradition

Jean-Marie Braillon and his friend Georges Bardin, graduated from the same school, found the company Bardin-Braillon.  The company ensures the maintenance of machine motors and alternators in the factories of the valley. Its specialization in electrical winding will enable the evolution towards manufacturing of worldwide reputed electromagnetic products.
The Swiss Zehnder files the patent for electromagnetic chuck using the alternating current. The two young partners, conscious of the benefit of the patent,  decide to buy the licence to manufacture the chuck.

After having improved the manufacturing process of the Suisse patent, the company Bardin-Braillon files on its turn the patent for the magnetic chuck working with alternating and direct current.

Georges Bardin leaves Montmélian and returns to Bourgogne. Mr Jean-Marie Braillon runs alone the company with the name “Anciens établissements Bardin et Braillon” (“Former company Bardin and Braillon”).

The period of diversification: the company takes over  “Le fil Métallique Lyonnais” and manufactures consumer products like letter and paper clips, letter corners, pencil sharpeners as well as the knitting needles and crochets.
Taking over of the company Sainy André situated in Paris (34, rue de Seine). Manufacturing of push-pins is transferred to Montmélian due to the existence of cold presses.
 1934 - 1943  
The name of the company remains « Anciens établissements Bardin et Braillon ». The company SFAIA  moves its headquarters from Thonon to Chambery and permits to commercialize  the products manufactured in Montmélian. This company becomes later « la Société française d’applications industrielles des aimants » (French company for industrial applications of magnets).
The company becomes " Etablissements J. Braillon".
Philibert, the son of Jean-Marie Braillon joins the family business after having graduated Ecole Centrale de Lyon. As his father 28 years before, he will develop the new magnetic chuck   together with a friend met at the school.
Patent for the magnetic chuck which will become the world famous product.
Purchase of the Benetto patent on electropermanent system.  Starting from this moment the  Braillon company will develop the electropermanent magnetic chucks and lifting magnets.
Patent for EPBJP magnetic chuck
The company has 150 employees and 2 production sites : MONTMELIAN and the factory La Peysse in Barberaz, near Chambery. 80% of sales are realized in foreign markets : the USA, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Sacandinavaian, United Kingdom... more than 72 destinations for the magnetic chucks and lifting magnets.

 The 60ies and 70ies  
These years stand out because the following new products, they will make Braillon Magnetics world renowned:
BJP, ICA, PEP, Rotary Chucks BC and ERC and of course the famous magnetic lifter with Alnico permanent magnets.

With the emergence of Neodymium, Philibert Braillon asks the design office to focus on new, small pitch chuck with neodymium magnets.
Philibert Braillon decides to sell the company Braillon SA to the American group WALKER MAGNETICS.
Development of the first magnetic platens for injection moulding machines.
Relocation to the new facility : ALPESPACE : 5000 sq.m. on 2 hectares of land.
New permanent lifting magnets type NND are introduced into the market : more than 3000 units per year will be manufactured up to 2000.
Development of electropermanent miling chucks with neodymium magnets.
Braillon Magnétique becomes Walker Braillon Magnetics.
The company Braillon Magnetics is taken over By Mr. Hubert Burlat, the founder of the companies BMS ( Bridage magnétismes et systèmes) based in Levallois-Perret, and BURLAT-MAGNET-SYSTEME GmbH based in Germany.

Redeployment of Braillon Magnetics internationally.
Installation of a new, large capacity machining center : 2200 x 1500 mm.