Tunnel demagnetizer with bulk conveyor
REF 16.05.V

Tunnel demagnetizer with bulk conveyor

    • Heavy duty construction
    • Effective

  • High performance resin encapsulated coil (black)
  • Reinforced system
  • Aluminium frame
  • For bulk parts
  • On/off switch with pilot light
  • Thermal circuit breaker
  • Electrical box

A part to be demagnetised must be exposed to an alternating magnetic field which reduces H. In order to demagnetise these parts, either to comply with a specification (automotive standards, etc.) or to carry out machining (on a wire machine, for example), the part is passed through the tunnel at a slow and constant speed (approximately 0.2 m/sec). It is essential to take the workpiece out of the demagnetiser by 40 to 60 cm before switching it off.
Demagnetisation test possible. Ask your technical advisor.
  • Use :
    • Demagnetization
  • Voltage :
    • 230/400/480 VAC
  • Duty cycle :
    • 100 %