REF 84.02.A
  • caoutchouc magnétique

Magnetic semi-anisotropic adhesive ribbon type RM 02A

    • 1 magnetic face / 1 adhesiv face

  • Use :
    • Clamping
    • Display
    • Publicity
    • Labeling
  • Max. temperature of use :
    • 75 °C
caoutchouc magnétique

Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D E
84.02A-10x0.9-100.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-15x0.9-150.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-20x0.9-200.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-25x0.9-250.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-30x0.9-300.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-40x0.9-400.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-50x0.9-500.910 m45 g/cm2semi anisotrope
84.02A-420x1-420120 m55 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-12.7x1.5-201.530 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-20x1.5-201.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-25x1.5-251.330 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-30x1.5-301.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-50x1.5-501.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-420x1.5-4201.510 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-19x2-19230 m100 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-25x2-25230 m100 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-50x2-50230 m100 g/cm2anisotrope
84.02A-420x2420210 m100 g/cm2anisotrope
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