Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Circular Holders
Magnetic Rubber Roll
Rubber 1 Magnetic Side and 1 Raw side
Magnetic Isotropic Ribbon type RM 01
REF 84.01
  • 84-01

Magnetic Isotropic Ribbon type RM 01

    • 1 magnetic face / 1 rough face

  • Use :
    • Display
    • Publicity
    • Labeling
    • Hide paint
  • Max. temperature of use :
    • 75 °C

Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D E
84.01-10x1.2-101.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-15x1.2-151.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-20x1.2-201.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-25x1.2-251.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-30x1.2-301.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-40x1.2-401.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-50x1.2-501.250 m54 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-20x1.5-201.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.01-30x1.5-301.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.01-50x1.5-501.525 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.01-420x1.5-4201.515 m85 g/cm2anisotrope
84.01-10x2-10250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-15x2-15250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-20x2-20250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-25x2-25250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-30x2-30250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-40x2-40250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-50x2-50250 m65 g/cm2isotrope
84.01-420x2-420210 m100 g/cm2anisotrope
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